Month: September 2017

How To Paint Motorcycle Rims: A Very Easy Task

Painting motorcycle rims can be fun and quite challenging at the same time. You need to make sure that you have all the various implements that would be used on hand before you begin and also ensure that you take extra care when handling the items during the painting process. Here is the complete guide on how to paint motorcycle rims. Via List of things you will need to paint motorcycle rims:Matt PaintTools to remove rimsTarp / NewspapersMineral Spirits / Nail Polish RemoverPaintbrushMasking TapeSandpaper Steps To Paint Motorcycle Rims There are certain steps that you must follow when...

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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Here are some general Motorcycle Maintenance Tips to keep the motorcycle healthy and cut repair costs.The task of maintaining a motorcycle involves understanding simple home-servicing tasks, you don't need to have the mechanical knowledge of an expert technician to ensure proper maintenance of your motorbike. Motorcycles do not require regular maintenance to keep them safe and operational the way cars do. A simple comprehensive review of the motorcycle by an experienced specialist once a year should be enough. Via You should be able to perform every other necessary maintenance by yourself in the comfort of your garage. After...

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Put it off or get it done?

Working on a motorcycle, for some, is a cathartic, even poetic experience. The soft clank of tools whose sole purpose is to repair another tool might give the user some nostalgic ideas of the early years of motorized transport, where anyone with a glimmer of mechanical inclination could take apart an entire vehicle with the tools that were purchased with that vehicle, and get it back together in a short amount of time with little effort. Via For some, the idea of repairing or maintaining any vehicle is horrifying--the loud clang of tools, grease, sweating, swearing, bruised hands...

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