Author: Daniel Bryson

Motorcycle Insurance Basics

Understanding Your Motorcycle Insurance Getting your motorcycle insured is an important decision that is beneficial to you and those you care about. A good motorcycle coverage should satisfy all your state’s legal guidelines and your personal risk tolerance. Consult with several motorcycle insurance companies and compare each to get the best rates. Insurance rates differ from one company to the other, most companies offer unique services asides from their basic motorcycle insurance costs such as coverage, discounts, superior service, or simply a lower premium. When requesting for quotes, make sure that you provide the same information to one company...

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Winter motorcycle riding tips to help you ride through winter

Winter motorcycle riding may seem like going overboard for many due to the health and safety implications involved, but with the right winter motorcycle riding gear, it can be a fun and exciting experience. Here are our top tips to help you stay on the road longer during winter by buying the right winter motorcycle riding gear. Gloves: Go for gloves that are thick, waterproof, and lined with thinsulate. The Hein Gericke’s Pathan 3-finger-glove is a wonderful example. This type of glove unlike other mid versions of winter gloves with styles of a summer glove only have three finger...

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Motorcycle Downshifting Techniques

Mastering the techniques of motorcycle downshifting are what differentiates between a novice and a pro rider. Learning the art of downshifting requires as much finesse as with learning to apply brakes, and you need to master them separately before attempting to combine them together while speedily navigating a corner. Motorcycle downshifting techniques basically consist of three things: pulling the clutch lever, pressing down on the shifter, and releasing the clutch lever again. Ensure that the engine speed matches the road speed before slowly releasing the clutch lever – this allows the engine speed to rise steadily till it matches...

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How to Clean Helmet Properly

Cleaning your crash helmet is a very important task that you must learn to do if you plan on owning a motorcycle. It involves not only cleaning the outsides of it but the insides as well. A good clean would not only ensure the increased lifespan of your helmet but would protect your own health as well. Below is a step by step method which you can follow to clean helmet properly and hygienically without causing damage to it. Via Steps to clean helmet properly: Stage 1: Dissection The first step involves taking off every detachable component of the...

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How To Paint Motorcycle Rims: A Very Easy Task

Painting motorcycle rims can be fun and quite challenging at the same time. You need to make sure that you have all the various implements that would be used on hand before you begin and also ensure that you take extra care when handling the items during the painting process. Here is the complete guide on how to paint motorcycle rims. Via List of things you will need to paint motorcycle rims:Matt PaintTools to remove rimsTarp / NewspapersMineral Spirits / Nail Polish RemoverPaintbrushMasking TapeSandpaper Steps To Paint Motorcycle Rims There are certain steps that you must follow when...

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