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Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

Here are some general Motorcycle Maintenance Tips to keep the motorcycle healthy and cut repair costs.The task of maintaining a motorcycle involves understanding simple home-servicing tasks, you don't need to have the mechanical knowledge of an expert technician to ensure proper maintenance of your motorbike. Motorcycles do not require regular maintenance to keep them safe and operational the way cars do. A simple comprehensive review of the motorcycle by an experienced specialist once a year should be enough. Via You should be able to perform every other necessary maintenance by yourself in the comfort of your garage. After...

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Best Snowmobile Helmets – Reviews, Comparison & Buying Guide

5 Best Snowmobile Helmets of 2017 Choosing the best snowmobile helmet is a major deal, since your life might depend on it. Consider our buying guide & reviews of the best snowmobile helmets. Protective gear is very important when it comes to riding. Finding the best snowmobile helmet will ensure you with safety and comfort and reduce the risk of injuries every time you go on your sled. Via Over the recent years the snowmobile helmet market has been flooded with many different designs. Each helmet has different design, features and materials and it can become very hard to...

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Airwheel Announces the C6 Camera Helmet

The high-tech scooter and mobility aid producer Airwheel has just released a new slick helmet, which features a built in camera. The Digital Journal has just announced that the Airwheel C6 motorcycle helmet will ensure the rider a lot of fun and excitement, with the built in camera, which allows you to efficiently and effectively record while riding. Via The helmet comes with either carbon fiber, colorful pattern on genuine leather covering and it is equipped with a high-definition, 120-degree field of view camera that can shoot both still frames and videos. The helmet also offers a high-quality...

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Honda Announces New Electric Scooter 2018

Electrical automobile market has increasingly grown over the past years, and so has the electric motorcycle market. Honda has just recently announced the production of the Honda EV-Cub electric scooter. The concept was first introduced two years ago, but, finally, its scheduled for production next year. Via The CEO of Honda, Takahira Hachigo confirmed that the battery-powered scooter will be released in 2018, as a part of the increasing movement towards all-electric vehicles. Hachigo plans that by 2030 around two thirds of all company’s produced cars will be fully-electrical or hybrid, and the same applies for bikes. Via...

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Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles In The World 2017

For many years, motorcycle maximum speed was limited to 186 miles per hour. The biggest motorcycle manufacturers came to this agreement due to safety regulations. For many years, the manufacturers were pushing close to the limits of the maximum speed and focused on upgrading the power. Around 2010, the German motorcycle and vehicle manufacturing grand blew the agreement up by starting to create a new line of superbikes. Since then it has been a constant battle between the manufacturers for creating the fastest motorcycles on the market. In this list, you will find the 10 fastest motorcycles in the world...

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