Best Motorcycle Knee And Shin Guards Reviews of 2019 ( Best Motorcycle Leg Protection)

Best Motorcycle Knee And Shin Guards 2018-2019If you do not have time to go through thousands of reviews and just want to know which are the best shin guards for motorcycles, this brief paragraph will tell you everything you need to know.

We have researched online, reviewing user reviews, sales figures and the value of many products on the line.

Ultimately, we have discovered that Shift Racing Enforcer is the best alternative because it offers all the protection one could need in the area of the shin and is relatively easy to set up thanks to its double elastic straps.

In addition, this is one of the most comfortable motorcycle leg protection we have discovered since it has a ventilated foam padded backrest and allows users to feel no pressure in the protected area.

If the Shift model is not available, you can confidently choose Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 as it is almost as good.

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Best Motorcycle Knee And Shin Guards Reviews For 2019

1. Shift Racing Enforcer

Shift Racing Enforcer Adult Knee or Shin Guard Motocross Motorcycle Body ArmorSince its launch in 2012, this model has been on the lips of motorcyclists around the world. The product takes the cake when it comes to safety, bearing in mind that it has been built with a high impact plastic casing.

In addition, it comes with all the features that one could ask for in a motorcycle shinguard. From the padded backrest with ventilated foam to a pivoting two-piece design that manages to adjust to the cyclist’s movement, whatever; the Shift Racing Enforcer has it.

In addition, the double elastic adjustment straps make it easy for users to easily customize the products according to their physical characteristics.

More than a hundred and forty people took the time to write positive comments from Amazon regarding the quality and convenience of this alternative. It seems to be well regarded for the value it offers for the price.


  • These shin guards provide a secure fit thanks to their double elastic adjustment straps that work to maintain a firm grip around the legs so that the gear does not rise or fall.
  • These black shin guards also have Velcro fasteners that facilitate their sliding, so you do not lose anything of the action in the field during the game.
  • This is a unique product with a special one-size-fits-all design to eliminate guesswork about what dimensions to choose for you.
  • The innovative two-piece pivoting design allows the shin guards to be flexible enough to adapt to the user’s movement and to avoid any movement around the legs once safely locked.
  • The ventilated foam that forms the padded backrest ensures comfort so that the protective cover does not get embedded in the skin of the legs to cause pain or abrasiveness of any kind.
  • The padded backrest also features an abrasion-resistant joint to keep the shin guards in place without causing irritation or chafing on the legs. At the same time, it offers optimal protection.


  • According to one user, this product could have been better if it had come with a strap on top, which is used to tighten the knee area.

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2. Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450

Troy Lee Designs KG 5450 Knee or Shin Guard GuardThe Shift Racing Enforcer and the Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 differ on many levels. This second best option can be a bit difficult to choose since it is not a universal shinguard and requires accurate measurement by the person trying to use it.

Starting today, the unit can be purchased in sizes ranging from extra small to large. In addition to the lack of convenience that comes with the sizing process, the model has many undeniable advantages.

For example, the KGL 5450 is very convenient to use and relatively easy to put on. As for security, although there may be better options, the KGL 5450 still does a good job on this account.

The model has a stratum foam that is able to articulate with the areas of the body that require the greatest amount of protection. The reviewers characterize the product as comfortable and incredibly light.


  • Suitable for motorcyclists, these shin guards help the rider to drive with confidence without worrying that a sudden fall on the road results in broken shins due to unexpected driving events.
  • Ideal for acrobatics runners, the shin guards are equipped with the patented Shock Doctor technology that protects the lower legs against pain and injuries during any unexpected event while driving.
  • Thanks to the legendary X-Fit technology, shin guards feature a wraparound support combined with an elastic mesh sleeve for reliable comfort and fit without the need for cumbersome, bulky straps.
  • Built with Strata foam, the shin guards are articulated with the complex areas of the body so as not to limit the mobility of the legs while guaranteeing reliable protection against impacts.
  • The shin guards also have the integrated Vent-trak system that propels the air through revolutionary flexible channels to make the surface of the skin breathe and ensure a sense of freshness.


  • Care should be taken so that the thread does not fall apart when the shin guards are washed.

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3. Shift Racing Enforcer Motocross

Shift Racing Enforcer Adult Knee or Shin Guard Dirt Bike Motorcycle Body ArmorAs is the case with the other Shift Racing option we have shown above, this comes with all the advantages of a high-end product.

On the one hand, it makes it easier for motorcyclists to attend to their activity without worrying about the quality of their protection.

Secondly, it is easy to put on and comfortable so that it does not interfere with the whole experience and does not diminish the amount of fun the user feels while traveling on his motorcycle.

Like the aforementioned model manufactured by the same brand, it has a back that has abrasion-resistant joints.

As far as the amount of critical praise collected by this unit is concerned, it might be worth noting that it does not even come close to the appreciation of 10010533. While it may not have the same excellent characteristics, this model is the trick. He does the work and is strong and comfortable enough for many people to get rid of him.


  • Because driving and motorcycle racing can be filled with a variety of dangers and accidental falls, these shin guards help cycling enthusiasts prepare better for any eventuality on the trail.
  • These shin guards are an exciting part of your biker outfit because they provide a solid testament to your dedication to protect every part of your body from damage or injury while you enjoy the ride, be it recreation or competition.
  • The high impact plastic shell provides a high level of protection by dissipating the impact forces that are at play during hard driving action or inconsistencies in the cycling terrain such as flying pebbles or solid gravel masses.
  • With the innovative two-piece pivoting design, the free movement of the legs is not hampered so you can work with your bike and control it easily.
  • Considering how the padded and ventilated backrest has abrasion-resistant joints, you can be sure that the projectile will not bite the skin on your legs and cause pain, bruising or cuts.


In order not to make the straps fall on the upper part of the calf, care must be taken to tighten them sufficiently but not too much.

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Top features to consider:

Buy dirt bike shin guards these days can be quite an adventure. After all, the market is full of products and new ones are coming out every year.

If you want to make the best call, take a look at the following guide that we have gathered for your consideration. Do not forget to read all the information you may stumble upon in order to make an informed decision.

1. Type of protection

The shin guards for serious motorcyclists do not have the appearance or design of those that are now used in various sports, such as football. On the contrary, they have a heavier construction and are sometimes made of high impact materials that can withstand the collision with the ground in the event of an accident.

The best shin guards for motorcycles can be divided into two categories: knee pads and knee pads. During your shopping trip, you will see that even though it is called ‘knee protection’, the product is also long enough to cover your shin.

The guards are full coverage products, as they do an excellent job of protecting the entire area that could be injured. The only drawback of choosing this type is that they can keep the knee area and the shin a bit hot.

The knee pads are mainly focused on keeping the knee in the correct position so that the kneecap does not move due to a rupture of ligaments or anything else that may occur during an accident. It is up to you to choose the right one, but for security reasons, we recommend the full coverage alternative.

2. Safety

As we mentioned earlier, some products may be safer than others. Knee pads are simply better than their counterparts because they can protect the entire area, including the user’s skin.

If you have trouble understanding if the product you want to buy is safe enough to use, simply review some of the best reviews of motorcycle shin guards and discover the opinions of other buyers.

3. Ease of use and comfort

It goes without saying that the protectors you end up choosing should be comfortable and comfortable to wear. Some have breathable foam, while others are made with artificial materials.

In addition, the straps used to hold the units in place must be efficient and customizable so that they do not exert too much pressure on the shin area and damage local circulation.

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