Honda Announces New Electric Scooter 2019

Electrical automobile market has increasingly grown over the past years, and so has the electric motorcycle market. Honda has just recently announced the production of the Honda EV-Cub electric scooter. The concept was first introduced two years ago, but, finally, its scheduled for production next year.

x honda new electric scooter

The CEO of Honda, Takahira Hachigo confirmed that the battery-powered scooter will be released in 2018, as a part of the increasing movement towards all-electric vehicles. Hachigo plans that by 2030 around two thirds of all company’s produced cars will be fully-electrical or hybrid, and the same applies for bikes.

new honda scooter

Honda is striving to promote the electrical vehicle production and is planning to introduce more new models in 2018. The research and development is currently being carried out to produce a convenient system for electric commuters, featuring a detachable battery which is easy to replace and recharge. Besides Honda’s emphasis on the economical commuter, the company is also working towards creating more secure systems, like electronics which would keep cars running into motorcycles. Although producing a safe motorcycle is a challenge, working on “smart” cars might be the right way forward.

new honda electric scooter

There have been rumors of new electric vehicle models, as well as a range of electric and hybrid bikes. The new electric motorcycles are rumored to feature the next Goldwing as a possible hybrid platform with an electric motor to complement a four-cylinder combustion engine. Honda has also collaborated with Mugen on the Isle of Man, which can mean production of high-performance sparky sportsbikes in the near future.

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