Top 7 Best Dual Sport Helmet of 2022 ( Buyer’s Guide )

Best Dual Sport HelmetsNot all helmets are suitable and safe for your ride. It is essential to get the right motorcycle helmet that can protect your head in the event of an accident. You need to remember that safety is always crucial for a rider. There are many types of helmets in the market, and to get the right kind that will protect you in the event of an accident is not easy.

“No doubt that the “Dual Sport Helmets” are the approved tools that offer the best head protection when compared to other helmets. Besides, they have a unique feature that makes them resistant to ultraviolet rays, wind noise, raindrops, and more. There is a sound ventilation system that is ideal for long-distance riding because of the fresh air.”

Thanks to the robust casing and thick internal padding, which helps to reduce impact, ensuring a high level of safety. Likewise, these dual sports helmet has a highly padded and comfortable interior, which can be removed and washed easily, keeping the helmet clean and fresh. Also, they have anti-microbial inner material, which keeps the head cool and dry and in hot weather. Typically, here are the top 7 best dual sport helmets that you can buy.

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Factors to consider when buying dual sport helmet

Best Dual Sport Helmets 2020

Sun protection

The skin suffers most when you spend long hours in the sun. The sports bike fans who love exploring extreme climates and terrain faces these problems. The double sport helmet needs to protect you from ultraviolet rays. This is to make sure the sun is not bothering you if you want to enjoy riding when the sun is hot. Some helmets are also equipped with anti-scratch and anti-fog to protect you from cold and strong winds.


When buying the dual sport helmet, it is essential to consider its comfort. People tend to buy the heavy model with very uncomfortable liners and interior. Always go for the durable and lightweight helmet. If your helmet is uncomfortable, wearing it will become a problem. Also, make sure your helmet has adequate air outlet and inlet so that ventilation is controlled and the rider breathes easily. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the helmet with proper comfort.


It can be too risky to get the helmet that obstructs your visibility. The best helmet should offer an excellent and clear view of a road and other motorcycles and vehicles. It’s great to have the helmet that has the shield. This gives you additional protection against the elements of weather and insects.

Helmet ventilation

The helmet ventilation is very crucial when buying the dual sport helmet. It is necessary to have a helmet that has adequate ventilation to ensure more comfort. A well-ventilated helmet will be more relaxed and you are not likely to sweat. Also, the inner padding must be breathable, removable, and washable. This keeps the helmet clean and cool.


Remember that a helmet must always be secure when placed on the head. The chinstrap is necessary because it keeps the helmet safe on the head always so that it doesn’t fall off easily while riding. So, it is vital to wear a helmet with the chin strap.


Although the helmets are known for protecting the cyclists’ head, some helmets are noisy that lead to hearing loss. The high speed of the bike and loud engine affects the noise in the helmet. The primary source of noise is air, which reaches cyclists’ helmets at high speed. This noise can sometimes exceed safety levels, even at the permitted rate. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the dual sport helmet that is not noisy and cannot cause hearing problems in the future.

Top 7 Best Dual Sport Helmet Reviews of 2022

1. ILM Matte Black Off-Road DOT Approved Dual Sport Helmet

Best Dual Sport HelmetILM is the leading helmet brand that is well-known for producing the premium dual sport helmet in the market. Notably, it comes with HD dual visor that helps to improve riding safety and increase the peripheral vision. In the same case, it has an aerodynamic air intake system, which introduces the fresh air and also replaces hot air that is inside the helmet. The important thing is that it has the ear pad top liner, which makes it washable and detachable.

Similarly, it is multi-function, which means you can use it like a full-face helmet, off-road helmet, or a rally helmet, making it ideal for motorcycle, dirt bike, dual sports, and more. Equally important, there is an excellent venting system that makes the riders feel comfortable and relaxed. On the other hand, it comes with the tinted inner visor, which protects the rider against the sunlight. Also, it has a light weight material that covers the head from injuries during the crash.

Main features

  • Has HD dual visor
  • The aerodynamic air intake system
  • Comes with the earpad top liner
  • It is multi-function
  • Has excellent venting system
  • Tinted inner visor
  • Has lightweight material

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2. Scorpion White Dual Sport Modular EXO-AT950 Helmet

Modular dual sport helmetThis is the leading modular dual sport helmet model because it has a beautiful design which makes every rider comfortable. In particular, it comes with the polycarbonate shell that helps to minimize the weight and make it durable. In like manner, it has a large intake port and dual position mouth vent located at the top of a helmet to cool the air. Comparatively, there is the anti-scratch hardened coating, which makes it 100% UV protection.

Subsequently, it comes with an over-sized eye-port, which is extremely wide to offer greater downward visibility and peripheral vision. Thanks to the Ever Clear coating that is applied on both sides to provide a fog-free ride. More important, this modular dual sport helmet has anti-microbial fabric, which keeps you dry and cool in warm weather. Also, there is the scratch-resistant face shield, which helps you enjoy safe and pleasant regardless of any climate. Above all, it comes with a 5-year warranty that makes it convenient because you can replace it if there is any defect.

Main features

  • Has a polycarbonate shell
  • Dual position mouth vent
  • Anti-scratch hardened coating
  • Has EverClear coating
  • Has anti-microbial fabric
  • Scratch-resistant face shield
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

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3. Voss 600 Black Dually DOT Dual Sport ABS Helmet

Voss 600 Dually Dual Sport HelmetThe Voss model has been the bestseller for the past three years, with many reviews and feedback from different customers. As an illustration, it comes with an integrated sun lens, which drops down with the simple push of a latch. In the first place, it has a high-quality polycarbonate/ABS alloy shell that makes it superior robust, lightweight, and safe the head. More importantly, there is a large eye-port, which offers maximum vision area.

Additionally, it comes with interior comfort padding, which is washable, removable, and moisture-wicking. In the same fashion, it has a laser-cut that ensures a pressure point free and comfortable fit. Alternatively, there is an advanced ventilation system, which keeps the head cool. Even more, it is DOT approval which makes it safe and free when you use it while riding a motorcycle. The face shield, inner lens, and the peak are all replaceable.

Main features

  • Integrated sun lens
  • High-quality polycarbonate/ABS alloy shell
  • Large eye port
  • Interior comfort padding
  • Has the laser cut
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • It is DOT approval

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4. Bell Black MX-9 Adventure Dual Sport Large MIPS Dirt Helmet

bluetooth dual sport helmetFrom the urban blacktop to the roughest single track, this is the best bell dual sport helmet you can have because of its safety and stylish features. In detail, it comes with an integrated face shield, which is essential because it is anti-fog and anti-scratch. In all honesty, it has the polycarbonate/ABS shell construction that is lightweight, durable, and protects the head from any injury. In the same case, there is the two-point adjustable visor, which offers clear vision and protects the eyes against any danger.

Moreover, it has the air-intake vents that come with the velocity flow ventilation system to offer maximum cooling. Thanks to the sudden shock that help to reduce any rotational force. In a like manner, it comes with aerodynamic design, which makes it attractive to many sports bikers because this bell dual sport helmet doesn’t slip off at high speed. On the other hand, it is DOT approved, for it has met the requirements imposed by CARB.

Main features

  • Has the integrated face shield
  • Polycarbonate/ABS shell construction
  • Two-point adjustable visor
  • Has the air-intake vents
  • Comes with the sudden shock
  • Has aerodynamic design
  • It is DOT approved

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5. Voss Gloss White 600 DOT Dual Sport Helmet

Dual Sport HelmetVoss has come up with this model, which has outstanding features that have made it have many reviews and feedback from the customers. To emphasize, it comes with the high-quality ABS/polycarbonate alloy shell that makes it strong, safer, and lightweight. In the same way, it has interior comfort padding, which is washable, removable, and moisture-wicking. Thanks to the large eye port that help to offer the maximum field of vision. In a like manner, this helmet weighs 3.5 lbs.

Besides, there is the integrated sun lens, which drops down with the simple push of a latch. Equally, it has an inner lining that absorbs moisture, making it easy to remove and wash if need be. It comes with the modern aggressive shape, which appeals to a dual sport community. Also, there is a thermoplastic injection that makes this model durable and safe.

Main features

  • High-quality ABS/polycarbonate alloy shell
  • Has the interior comfort padding
  • The helmet weighs 3.5 lbs
  • Has the inner lining
  • Integrated sun lens
  • Color is B. Gloss White Shark Fin
  • Has the modern aggressive shape
  • There is the thermoplastic injection

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6. Arai Silver XD4 Aluminum Dual Sport 2X-Large Helmet

Arai XD4 Aluminum Silver Dual Sport HelmetThe Arai dual sport helmet model is known for being the best in the market to achieve the best shell safety rating. For example, it has aluminum material that makes it durable, sturdy, lightweight, and long-lasting. In all honesty, it comes with the cheek pads featuring 5mm peel-away pads that allow the rider to fit in. Alternatively, there is the comfort headliner, which is fully removable washable and replaceable.

Likewise, it comes with an improved shell shape that is crucial because it ensures better aerodynamic stability when the motorcycle is at high speed. In a like manner, it has the sculpted side cowl vents, which improve ventilation. Thanks to the aerodynamic air intake system that help to allow fresh air inside the helmet and also allows hot air to go out. Above all, it has less-dense liner material inside, which increases the rider comfort.

Main features

  • Comes with the cheek pads
  • Made of aluminum material
  • Improved shell shape
  • Sculpted side cowl vents
  • Comfort headliner
  • The aerodynamic air intake system
  • Less-dense liner material

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7. LS2 Pioneer V2 Dual Sport Adventure Gunmetal Helmet

LS2 Helmets Pioneer V2 Adventure HelmetIf you are looking for a helmet product that is lightweight and durable, then go for this model from LS2. To clarify, it comes with a built-in sunscreen, which is resistant to UV rays, making it fit for every rider. In a like manner, there is a broader eye-port that can accommodate the different brands of the goggles. Comparatively, it has the twin shield system, which helps to protect the eyes from the sunlight.

More so, it comes with the sliding switch located on the left side that helps the helmet to operate. In the same case, there is a clear shield, which makes the rider have a clear vision when riding the motorcycle. What is more, it has the ratcheting closure and the quick-release chin strap that is convenient when you want easy removal and fitting, even with the gloves on. Also, it is DOT approved that it has met all the requirements imposed by CARB.

Main features

  • Has built-in sunscreen
  • Has broader eye port
  • Twin shield system
  • Comes with the sliding switch
  • Has a clear shield
  • Has the ratcheting closure
  • It is DOT approved

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You can now choose the best dual sport helmets from the list above. They have unique and outstanding features different from others, and this is why we recommend purchasing one to enjoy the service.

Notably, they have a lightweight and elegant design that make you very comfortable when wearing them. Besides, they have an aerodynamic design, which helps to reduce wind noise.

The soft strap help to make the helmet secure when on the head. Also, these are the products to have, for they are available in different colors and sizes.

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