10 Best Motorcycle Knee And Shin Guards of 2022

best motorcycle knee guardsIf you do not have time to go through thousands of reviews and just want to know which are the best shin guards for motorcycles, this brief paragraph will tell you everything you need to know.

We have researched online, reviewing user reviews, sales figures and the value of many products on the line.

Ultimately, we have discovered that Fox Racing Knee/Shin Guard is the best alternative because it offers all the protection one could need in the area of the shin and is relatively easy to set up thanks to its double elastic straps.

In addition, this is one of the most comfortable motorcycle leg protection we have discovered since it has a ventilated foam padded backrest and allows users to feel no pressure in the protected area.

If the Shift model is not available, you can confidently choose Leatt AirFlex Pro Knee Guard as it is almost as good.

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Top 10 Motorcycle Knee And Shin Guards Current Price
Fox Racing Mens Titan Race Motocross Knee/SHIN Guard
Leatt Brace Airflex Pro Knee Guards
Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces-L/XL
Leatt 3DF Hybrid Ext Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Knee & Shin Guard
Alpinestars Men’s Moab Knee/Shin Guard
Alpinestars Vector Pro Knee/Shin Protector
SCOYCO Motorcycle Knee Protector Guard
Demon D3O Hyper Knee/Shin Mountain Bike Knee Pads
SHIFT Racing Enforcer Adult Knee/Shin Guard
Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Knee And Shin Guards Reviews For 2022

1. Fox Racing Knee/Shin Guard

Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee Shin PadWith the patented strapping system X up, riding your bike at high speed is much safer. This motorcycle armor is made of excellent quality materials that can effectively protect the knees. It has a rigid ribbed lid that is combined with shell-shaped shin guards.

In addition to being made of superior quality materials, the Fox Racing Launch Safety Safety Knee / Shin BMX pad also offers ventilated breathability. The bio-ventilated soft foam frame helps you stay cool and comfortable, regardless of the type of motorcycle sport you practice.

The general design of this motorcycle kneepad makes it one of the best selling products on the market today. He has riveted the fox’s head logo and has some fantastic cuts that outline it. If you are looking for a fresh but durable knee brace, there is no reason not to buy BMX MTB Fox Racing Launch Safety knee pads / shin guards. Its durability and hard cover guarantee safety and protection. In addition, its strapping system also ensures a firm grip, to keep it in a good position, regardless of how you drive.


  • Made from superb quality and durable materials 
  • Excellent full knee protection 
  • Vented bio-foam chassis for extra cool and comfort
  • Many suggested that the Velcro strap should be placed on the upper leg 
  • Some users complained of sizing problems

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2. Leatt AirFlex Pro Knee Guard (Black, Large)

Leatt AirFlex Pro Knee GuardThe Leatt AirFlex Pro kneepad has been used by countless motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide and can give you many reasons to choose this model. First of all, the three-dimensional design of this product guarantees an excellent fit. It has been designed to adapt anatomically to the structures of the knee and shin. Its pivot points are also a great advantage, as it offers maximum protection.

If you want a super thin, resistant and comfortable protection profile, this particular knee brace is specially made for you. It has an ultra-thin armor gel that absorbs impacts, which makes it cooler and more comfortable to wear. Breathable MoistureCool fabric and its silicone lamination keep the bearings in the right place without being annoying.

This CE certified knee protector for impact protection is undoubtedly one of the best items you can find online today. Its external protective housing manufactured by the renowned company Leatt has been tested and tested to offer comfort and protection. In addition, the top and side of this model increases protection.


  • Incredible 3-dimensional design 
  • Anatomically correct dual pivot points 
  • CE certified for impact protection 
  • High-Density Poly Ethylene hardshell for added protection
  • Price can be quite expensive for some people

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3. Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Braces-L/XL

Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee BracesAnother reliable and reliable motorcycle knee pad that you can find today are the Leatt C-Frame Pro carbon knee pads. It is a single-zipper or clamp knee pad that gives you an excellent motorcycle feel. The overall design of this product also makes it one of the best-selling knee pads of all time.

In addition to its extraordinary design, this particular product also has CE certification for impact protection. This medically certified knee pad is made with a very sturdy metal equipment designed with two points of articulation, which allows you to replicate the natural movement of the knee.

The 3-point force distribution of this product offers greater comfort. It also reduces the forces and friction that help protect the knees from injuries like MCL, Meniscus and LCA. This medically certified product also offers an external metal hinge for precise and more natural movement.


  • Allows you to move freely 
  • Great motorcycle feel due to very low profile 
  • Lab tested and medically certified 
  • 3 point force distribution for extra comfort and protection
  • The price can be quite expensive 
  • Sizing can be a problem

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4. Leatt 3DF Hybrid Ext Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Knee & Shin Guard

Leatt 3DF Hybrid Ext Adult Off-Road BMX Cycling Knee & Shin GuardThe knee and shin protector for off-road cycling for adults Leatt 3DF Hybrid Ext is certainly one of the best knee pads you can find on the market today. This product features a full length shin and a new improved hard shell sliding shin. For this reason, you can expect excellent product protection. You can also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that it offers superior shock absorption characteristics.

Nor should we worry about the fare and the comfortable movement, as its cushions are well attached to the body. It is also one of those ventilated knee pads that give the ride great movement and comfort. Furthermore, this protective equipment does not sleep easily, regardless of where you go or how you ride your bike.

It offers a new non-slip calf band and a reliable silicone lining. This incredible knee pad is non-slip and can be securely attached to the knees without sweating or feeling any discomfort. This is definitely done for those looking for knee pads that can hug the knees and effectively help prevent any knee injuries caused by riding.


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to fastened and comfortable hugs your knees 
  • Top-grade cushioning system 
  • Breathable cloth for extra cool – also prevents sweating
  • Some users reported that the inner Velcro straps are too short

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best knee guards for bikers

5. Alpinestars Men’s Moab Knee/Shin Guard

Alpinestars Men's Moab Knee GuardMade by a reliable and reliable company, the Moab Alpinestars shin guards / shin guards for men offer excellent protection to all its users. It is one of those well-built and well-designed knee pads that offer a high level of strength and flexibility.

Thanks to its low-profile design, driving your bike becomes more fun and interesting. Now you can move freely thanks to this fantastic design.

Moreover, the slim design of the profile gives the right a close fit that allows a lot of mobility or movement. Anyone looking for knee pads with a low-profile design will find that the Alpinestars Men Moab knee / shin protector is a worthy investment.

It has an excellent system of adjustable straps and, at the same time, it is CE certified. Many users have also stated that the product lasts many years and uses.


  • Outstanding comfort 
  • High-grade materials were used for construction 
  • Allows excellent mobility and movement
  • The design is boorish for some users

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6. Alpinestars Vector Pro Knee/Shin Protector

Alpinestars Vector Pro Knee & Shin ProtectorThe search for durable and reliable motorcycle knee pads is easier these days thanks to the Internet, however, finding a model that offers lightweight and highly flexible features can be very difficult.

Fortunately, the Alpinestars Vector Pro kneepads / shin guards can offer you everything you want on a knee brace. It is very light, although its materials are durable and extremely durable. It has a breathable rip-stop that offers great breathability.

Thanks to PE foam and polyethylene mesh, this CE certified knee / shin protector has become one of the most sought knee pads in 2019. You will also appreciate its progressive protections and soft skin contact. This should make your bike safer and more comfortable than ever.

One of the many things that make this particular product stand out is that it has an enveloping design that offers perfect compression adhesion. It has excellent soft tissue support for all driving styles. Regardless of the type of motorcycle sport in which you are practicing or participating, you should definitely not miss the Alpinestars Vector Pro knee and shin protector.

  • CE certified
  • Lightweight and highly flexible 
  • Progressive protection 
  • Integrated soft shell 
  • Form and comfortable fit and compression
  • Some users claimed that shipping takes several days and can reach up to more than just a week.

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7. SCOYCO Motorcycle Knee Protector Guard 

SCOYCO Motorcycle Knee Protector GuardIt has been shown that the knee protection of the SCOYCO motorcycle absorbs severe shocks. The PP protective cover helps protect the anterior tibial. The intermediate transparent housing can withstand a great impact. The design itself has been designed for maximum impact resistance. This means that you can drive all day without worrying about the brace you give up.

In addition to being made of excellent quality materials for better protection, the SCOYCO knee protector also offers a lot of freedom of movement. The mobile design allows the joints to rotate from 30 to 180 degrees, according to the needs. This product also offers an excellent adjustable buckle strap and has an invaluable ventilation function that allows for better breathability.

The kneepad itself looks attractive and attractive. But what is more desirable than this product is that it has an excellent ventilation system with wire mesh on the side of the knee protectors. This offers more comfort. In addition, the SCOYCO motorcycle kneepad is also sold at a very reasonable price.

  • Top-notch protection 
  • Great adjustable elastic strap 
  • Promotes free movement 
  • Comfortable ventilation design
  • The design might not be that appealing for some people

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8. Demon D3O Hyper Knee/Shin Mountain Bike Knee Pads

Demon D3O Hyper Knee & Shin Mountain Bike Knee PadsLast but not least, the Demon D30 Hyper Knee / Shin Mountain Bike knee pads. This high quality kneepad has excellent perforated neoprene that greatly improves ventilation and moisture control. It also has a soft mesh panel inside the knee to ensure that the legs remain fresh and comfortable.

You will also like the Kevlar front protector of this product that helps prevent injuries caused by contact with solid and dirty rocks. Another interesting thing about this product is that it has braided upper elastic comfort straps that prevent it from falling.

If you are the type of cyclist who wants to use cooler knee pads, then the Hyper Knee / Shin Demon D30 mountain bike is the best option for you. He is known for offering excellent comfort regardless of where he rides a bicycle. It is also one of those exceptional knee pads that can absorb strong blows.


  • Unique venting and moisture control 
  • Elastic comfortable straps 
  • Can efficiently absorb shocks from rocks and dirt
  • Can be a bit pricey for some people

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9. Shift Racing Enforcer

Best Motorcycle Knee And Shin Guards 2020Since its launch in 2012, this model has been on the lips of motorcyclists around the world. The product takes the cake when it comes to safety, bearing in mind that it has been built with a high impact plastic casing.

In addition, it comes with all the features that one could ask for in a motorcycle shin guard. From the padded backrest with ventilated foam to a pivoting two-piece design that manages to adjust to the cyclist’s movement, whatever; the Shift Racing Enforcer has it.

In addition, the double elastic adjustment straps make it easy for users to easily customize the products according to their physical characteristics. More than a hundred and forty people took the time to write positive comments from Amazon regarding the quality and convenience of this alternative. It seems to be well regarded for the value it offers for the price.


  • These shin guards provide a secure fit
  • It has double elastic adjustment straps 
  • These black shin guards also have Velcro fasteners 
  • Innovative two-piece pivoting design 
  • Ventilated foam that forms the padded backrest
  • Ensures comfort so that the protective cover does not cause pain 
  • It has an abrasion-resistant joint to keep the shin guards in place 
  • According to one user, this product could have been better if it had come with a strap on top, which is used to tighten the knee area.

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best motorcycle knee shin guards 2020

10. Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450

Troy Lee Designs KG 5450 Knee or Shin Guard GuardThe Shift Racing Enforcer and the Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 differ on many levels. This second best option can be a bit difficult to choose since it is not a universal shin guard and requires accurate measurement by the person trying to use it.

Starting today, the unit can be purchased in sizes ranging from extra small to large. In addition to the lack of convenience that comes with the sizing process, the model has many undeniable advantages.

For example, the KGL 5450 is very convenient to use and relatively easy to put on. As for security, although there may be better options, the KGL 5450 still does a good job on this account. The model has a stratum foam that is able to articulate with the areas that require the greatest amount of body protection. The reviewers characterize the product as comfortable and incredibly light.


  • Suitable for motorcyclists
  • This shin guards are equipped with the patented Shock Doctor technology 
  • Feature a wraparound support combined with an elastic mesh sleeve for reliable comfort and fit 
  • Built with Strata foam
  • This shin guard is articulated with the complex areas of the body 
  • The shin guards also have the integrated Vent-trak system that propels the air through revolutionary flexible channels.
  • Care should be taken so that the thread does not fall apart when the shin guards are washed.

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Features To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Knee Guards

Buy dirt bike shin guards these days can be quite an adventure. After all, the market is full of products and new ones are coming out every year.

If you want to make the best call, take a look at the following guide that we have gathered for your consideration. Do not forget to read all the information you may stumble upon in order to make an informed decision.

1. Type of protection

motorcycle knee guards under jeansThe shin guards for serious motorcyclists do not have the appearance or design of those that are now used in various sports, such as football. On the contrary, they have a heavier construction and are sometimes made of high impact materials that can withstand the collision with the ground in the event of an accident.

The best shin guards for motorcycles can be divided into two categories: knee pads and knee pads. During your shopping trip, you will see that even though it is called ‘knee protection’, the product is also long enough to cover your shin.

The guards are full coverage products, as they do an excellent job of protecting the entire area that could be injured. The only drawback of choosing this type is that they can keep the knee area and the shin a bit hot.

The knee pads are mainly focused on keeping the knee in the correct position so that the kneecap does not move due to a rupture of ligaments or anything else that may occur during an accident. It is up to you to choose the right one, but for security reasons, we recommend the full coverage alternative.

2. Safety

As we mentioned earlier, some products may be safer than others. Knee pads are simply better than their counterparts because they can protect the entire area, including the user’s skin.

If you have trouble understanding if the product you want to buy is safe enough to use, simply review some of the best reviews of motorcycle shin guards and discover the opinions of other buyers.

3. Ease of use and comfort

It goes without saying that the protectors you end up choosing should be comfortable and comfortable to wear. Some have breathable foam, while others are made with artificial materials.

In addition, the straps used to hold the units in place must be efficient and customizable so that they do not exert too much pressure on the shin area and damage local circulation.

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