2. Vikingbags ECO-LINE

Best Motorcycle Luggage 2020When people go out by bicycle, they usually do not take many things with them, but even the most basic needs can raise the weight of baggage.

Therefore, if you are looking for a durable bag that can support a lot of weight, one of the best options would be to obtain the ECO-LINE Sissy Bar bag set.

The remarkable peculiarity of this set is that it is equipped with adjustable shoulder and backpack straps, which means that if the bags become too heavy it will not be necessary to carry them in your hands. The maximum load capacity of the two bags is equivalent to 2660 and 1008 cubic inches, respectively.

Even so, the most important characteristic of the motorcycle bag is, without a doubt, the material from which it is made. With regard to the ECO-LINE Sissy Bar Bag, both bags are made of Cordura, a resistant and tear-resistant fabric that is used mainly in military use.

The outer compartment of a larger bag is made of reinforced Viking leather and comes with a buckle, which allows you to keep items as small as a smartphone, money, wallet or glasses there. You will also find a rain cover to protect your luggage from the rain. A sports bag can also be a good fit for your long bike journey.

Although the ECO-LINE Sissy Bar bag is not a magnet model, it is easy to secure to the bike with quick release mounting straps. Even if your bicycle is not equipped with a special grille, you must be able to mount it on the passenger seat in a matter of seconds.

In summary, this set of ECO-LINE is a good choice for those who often travel with a partner or like to pack more than usual. Reinforced bags will protect your luggage and straps will make it easier to carry if you need to do a little walk on your feet.

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3. Stansport Saddle Bag ( Best Reasonable Priced Luggage)

Stansport Saddle BagIf you do not have a motorcycle luggage rack on your bike, your best option would be to buy the Stansport 766, a saddle bag that can be attached to the fork or even to the bicycle pipes.

Although this bak does not have anything special, it offers many advantages. One of them is its extra strong and durable design. It is made of a duck cotton material and reinforced at all points to withstand heavy use and harsh road conditions.

The hardware included is heavy duty metal. The inside of the bag is padded with vinyl backing, which means you can keep all kinds of items without worrying that they can break the canvas material.

One more advantage of this bicycle luggage bag is the ease of assembly. All you need to do is place it under the saddle and it will remain there until you reach your destination. Another benefit is its great capacity: you get up to 1056 cubic inches of usable space to pack everything you need. All outer pockets have straps that hold flaps together, ensuring that the wind can not open them when you drive.

The only drawback of this bag is that it gets dirty easily due to its placement on the bike, which means you will have to wash it often enough to keep it looking neat. But if this problem is not an inconvenience for you, you will hardly find a better model within that price range.

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4. Issyzone Motorcycle Fork Bag Handlebar Sissy Bar Tool Pouch Roll Barrel Bags

Motorcycle Fork Bag Handlebar Sissy Bar Tool Pouch Roll Barrel BagsIf you need a compact bag for your basic needs, we recommend you consider the Issyzone DEFHDTB071 motorcycle forks. It is a small and very modern bag that any cyclist would love to have on his bike.

With 11.8 by 5 by 3.4 inches of total dimensions and elongated shape, it is possible to mount this bag anywhere on the bike: on front forks, on the handlebar and on the bar of ladybugs.

The bag is made of durable and weather resistant PU leather and comes with two straps to hold it in place. But if these straps seem too short for your application, you have the option to buy them longer. It also has two buckles that are easy to open and close and zipper, so you can use the one you prefer.

Although this bag is not leather, however, it looks very good, and what is more important, it does its job perfectly. According to the clients, they used it in strong storms and the contents of the bag remained dry.

It is true that the Issyzone DEFHDTB071 is not big enough for long bike trips, but if you are looking for a compact model to store only a few necessary things and valuables, it will definitely fit this purpose.

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5. Ohmotor Tankbag1

Best Motorcycle Luggage 2019One of the features that stand out from the crowd’s Tankbag1 is a transparent outer pocket where you can place your tablet or GPS navigator to read your route without having to take out the device.

This pocket is large enough to fit gadgets with screens up to 5 inches in size. The Tankbag1 is not waterproof but comes with a special cover that allows you to travel safely in any weather condition. Some users also recommend placing a windshield for your peace of mind, but it is not strictly necessary.

The Tankbag1 comes with straps and four magnets to hold it firmly on the bike. Even if you fill it to the brim using the 245 cubic inches of space, the bag will not move, no matter how fast you drive. Of course, you will not want to load it with the too heavy material, but for general use, this tank bag is definitely great.

It is well constructed, sturdy and has a sufficient number of pockets and compartments to fit most of the basic things you would normally need by hand. However, if you travel with more luggage, you can choose one of medium or large size.

In conclusion, if you need an affordable and reliable magnetic motorcycle bag to store your essential things, Tankbag1 may be exactly what you were looking for.

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